What We Offer


We Are Awesome People

After several years of research we have developed an excellent investment opportunity.

We have established a method of trading Forex through experienced Trader with minimum risk and high returns.

Our goal is to manage your investment with totally stress free. We are always ready to manage your Investments with calculated risk and Good returns, we will follow your account 24/5. All the trading is operate by me and myself only.
Managed account is a trading account opened in your name with our recommended brokers and traded by me. You will have total control of your account and our Traders will trade on your behalf.

You can Log into your account and at any time Monday to Sunday and withdraw your funds.

The manager only has a right to make trades via client’s terminal but he doesn’t have any access to the money on the separately managed account, he can’t withdraw the money or steal it.
At any time you can terminate the trade copying service, withdraw the money, open or close the trade (initiated by us).
Besides, you have a full access to this managed account and you can watch the trading process. This service is fully transparent to our clients. 

On a fortnightly basis you will be required to pay the Traders commission. The Traders commission is 30% of your fortnightly profits. The Traders commission can be drawn from your trading account’s profit. All the profit split is automatically done by the broker platform. 

There is no cost to join and you only pay commission on profits.

Our strategy of trading is fully based on techniques like Trend Following, Break Out and Trend Reversal. We define prefect entry levels, a low drawdown, and a set take profit target. Our mission is to protect your trading capital and grow rapidly.



  • We accept $5,000 USD minimum or more for managing. Other less balances are not accepted.
  • We shall share profit in 30/70 ratio monthly. (30% - YY Forex Trading, 70% - Youself), Commission cycle every 2 week.
  • Monthly profit (ROI) will be 300% per month
  • Max Drawdown (DD) will be 20% or less in total.

You have to open MAM account under our IB in our selected brokers only:

  • FX Choice (https://my.myfxchoice.com/registrationMam/?refer=306074&account=792447)
  • Please open your account via our unique referral link to create a sub-account ONLY in order to copy trade!